What's cashless?

Pre-load money online that you’d like to spend at the event. Need more? You can still topup at a Howler topup station at the event

Why cashless?

Howler Cashless is the modern, high-tech answer to easy transacting. It eliminates queuing, carrying your wallet around and battling connectivity issues. It is also so much more secure than traditional forms of payment.

How does it work?

Tap and go - it’s that simple. The vendor or bartender will show you how much credit you have left after each tap.

How do I topup?

Easiest option: online in the run-up to the event! Register online and personalize your ticket. Load money onto your ticket in advance, which will then be available to you directly on the chip of the festival wristband. If you need more money, you can easily top up with cash or card payment at an on-site Howler top-up station at the event.

What about leftover money?

What is yours is yours! After the event you can visit our website and cashout your un-spent money. The amount will be transferred directly to your bank account within 14 days. Please check your event information for closing dates for withdrawals or refunds.